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Improving your effectiveness at each stage in the customer lifecycle

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Over the past 20 years we’ve used many different types of customer relationship management (CRM) software and, based on this experience, we chose chose to use Daylite as we’re confident that it’s the most fully featured, tightly integrated, reliable and best value for money solution for anyone using Apple equipment exclusively. The key benefits in using it are:

  • Building stronger relationships. Record what’s most important to your prospects and customers during every single phone call, email and meeting and recall this information in an instant from any Apple device. Use its task management capability to complete every single agreed action. This attention to detail creates a great first impression, builds trust and stronger relationships leading to a greater probability of business being won.
  • Improving your marketing effectiveness. Easily identify the source of all leads and record the key characteristics of businesses enabling easy segmentation. Focus your marketing efforts on acquiring the most profitable customers, giving you the best possible return on your investment in time, money and effort.
  • Making the most of every sales opportunity. Create a detailed business pipeline and easily see where you are in your negotiations with each prospect enabling you to prioritise your time, improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.
  • Successfully executing more projects. Create project pipelines which detail every single action, delegate these to your team where required, set timescales for completion and monitor progress to ensure all deadlines are met and work is completed to a consistently high standard every single time.
  • Gaining detailed insight as your business grows. Detailed reporting shows the value of all products and services sold, by whom, with what companies and in what industry sectors. Forecasting indicates the value of future business and the probability of it being won. This invaluable data helps you to make more educated business growth decisions.
  • Encouraging more effective team working. Your team can easily view their colleagues’ calendars, arrange meetings and view subsequent notes and agreed actions encouraging more productive, collaborative working. This improved transparency, better understanding of roles and responsibilities and recognising the contribution that each person is making can boost morale and motivation amongst the team.
  • Making information more accessible when and where you need it. Most CRM software is browser-based and requires a continuous internet or cellular connection to access any information. If the connection fails, this can be hugely frustrating and disruptive for users. Daylite, which can be installed on any Apple device, runs natively which means that all business data is stored locally and securely and can be retrieved regardless of a connection. Any updates sync in the cloud when a connection becomes available.
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Daylite is a fantastic tool that’ll enable any ambitious startup or established business to improve their effectiveness at each stage in the customer lifecycle, helping them to win more profitable, sustainable new business. We’ll configure it to suit your needs, provide training for yourself and your team and support you on an ongoing basis to ensure you maximise the benefits. To arrange a demonstration please complete the contact form here. You can also arrange a free 30 day trial of Daylite by clicking on the button below.