Customer Relationship Management Software – 10 Good Reasons To Use It

CRM software

Investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will help you grow your business through more effective marketing, improved sales conversion and enhanced customer service. Here are ten good reasons why you should consider investing in it.

More Personalised Service

All CRM software enables the user to access customer/prospect information and record conversations that have taken place which are date and time stamped. This provides a detailed history of communication. Simply keeping notes about a person’s interests and being able to refer back to these in future conversations can help “break the ice” and get the salesperson that important initial face to face meeting.

Improved Insight

CRM software has really developed over time and many can connect with other applications such as LinkedIn enabling the salesperson to more effectively research their prospects including their position within an organisation, decision making ability etc. Having this information to hand means that the telesales call is less “cold” and the conversion rate from lead to appointment is improved.

Identifying Training Needs

CRM software can track the productivity of your sales team including new leads created, outbound phone calls, number of new appointments booked, proposals presented and orders won. Being able to generate a report on this will enable a sales manager to establish the effectiveness of each team member by reviewing their activity levels, conversion rates through the sales process and other KPIs. This can highlight training needs and coaching can be provided where required. The result is a better informed, proactive sales manager and a more motivated, productive team.

Customer Profiling

You’ll be able to customise fields within your CRM software enabling you to record the details of your prospects and customers such as the number of employees, geographical location, industry type, where they originally heard about you, current spend and products and services currently purchased. It’s crucial to establish the source of all leads so you can decide whether to reinvest in certain marketing activities. The other information will help you to co-ordinate more targeted, effective marketing campaigns and prioritise your sales calls.

Improved Workflow

CRM software can be used to produce quotes instantly and many can be integrated with accountancy software packages avoiding duplication of effort. If paperwork can be generated automatically, customers can be invoiced quickly which will positively impact on cashflow.

Greater Productivity

Simply having all prospect and customer details recorded in one, readily accessible place can be a real advantage. Proposals, quotes and other documents can easily be attached too. A To-Do List is an integral feature of most CRMs. Equally useful is the ability to export data into other applications such as Word and Excel or import leads from the contact page of your website.

Project Management

CRM software can usually allow responsibility for managing certain activities to be delegated to others within a company. In much the same way that a sales pipeline can be created showing the various stages such as lead generated, appointment booked and order won, so a project can be set up and tracked allowing everyone to check progress.


Products and services to be purchased, sales value, profit margin, probability of the business being won and the likely close date can all be recorded within CRM software. Reports can easily be generated from this data and there is usually a degree of customisation available. Having real time access to this information can help with cash flow forecasting and resource management e.g. staffing, transport and logistics.

Improved Customer Service

Developing a greater understanding of the customer’s purchasing habits, documenting any service issues etc. can all help when engaging with them and ensuring a high quality of service is maintained. All this information can be recorded within CRM software and used to good effect.

Customer Retention

Being able to readily access information such as contract renewal date and what products and services are currently being purchased by the customer can really help direct your efforts so as to improve customer loyalty and retention. Telesales and other marketing activity can be very specific and well timed using the available CRM software data.

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