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Win More Higher Value Business With This Trusted Sales Approach

Neil Rackham, an academic, consultant and author, is well known for his research into the techniques and behaviours employed by successful salespeople in their negotiations.
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Winning More Business Through A Better Understanding Of Personality Types

HR professionals have long recognised the value of personality profiling. It's a highly effective tool for recruitment, management and retention of staff. But how can a little knowledge of personality types assist you in a sales environment
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Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness By Profiling Your Target Audience

Whether you're a business owner or seasoned sales professional, you only have so much time in the day to devote to lead generation and sales activities with the purpose of driving up business and growing your customer base.
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Using Storytelling To Drive Up Interest In Your Business

Brands are increasingly using storytelling as a means of engaging their audience, entertaining and informing them, generating leads and ultimately increasing sales.
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